Man With a Van

One of the most hilarious films of all-time, Man With a Van is a hilarious sequel to the financially disastrous Argyll and Costello Christmas classic It's a Wonderful Life. The same clueless American innocence that was the hallmark of the earlier movie, Russell Brand plays the Van Man, the eponymous Van Man, a man who travels back to the present day New York City, where the two meet a young lady who works in a theater. However, instead of helping her, he decides to go off with her to help him save his struggling company... But are they able to save their own marriage, or will Van Man destroy his family and even his own livelihood?

If you think of Michael Caine, you probably picture the actor in his most recognizable sequences from A Few Good Men, where he portrays a bad guy who's about to get executed by the authorities. The film Man With a Van, though, Caine plays Robert "Bob" Wurzelbacher, a shrewd former truck driver who understands what it's like handling people's possessions and the Van Man himself. As the movie progresses, we learn more about the eccentric man, who ends up having an enjoyable time doing it. He even gets out with his cousin after being informed that authorities would like to inspect his trucks. But when two moving trucks that are crossing the border choose to make a stop at his home, the situation get worse.

cheap man with a van near me plays the role of the man who's not afraid of getting his hands dirty - literally. After letting two moving companies beat a hasty escape from his home Brand is given his own truck to do the remainder of the job. The two movers are impressed by his capability to get the job done quickly and effortlessly, and even getting the two trucks he employs to move his belongings to break some laws (one of them relating to the dimensions of the fronts of the vehicles). If they are willing to help him out, Bob realizes that he has a lot more going on throughout his day than he ever thought. But despite moving van rental of this, he's committed to helping others and improving the lives of other people.

In the meantime, a troubled little girl called Beth finds herself having a difficult adjustment to her new home. She's always being targeted however, she's disoriented about her experiences and what she's likely to be in the new city. Man and Van London tells her family about moving into Man With a Van, but they don't believe her tales and soon she develops a deep fear of the town. Two movers from earlier help her out of a jam when they discover Bob's involvement in the move. They both are able to save Beth and make Beth feel at ease in her new city.

In the end, Bob develops feelings for the local girl. Beth begins working with him, and they fall in love. Then something unimaginable happens, which puts their love on the back burner after Bob is laid off from his job at newscorp.

I highly recommend this book to someone who has been in a similar situation similar to Bob. It's an excellent read due to the fact that it's so real and convincing. It's not an uplifting story as most novels are, however, it's full of adventures and great lessons. It's not your typical emotional read, neither. There's no adorable sidekicks and too many twists.

I'd suggest this book to those who loves funny situations, and also enjoys thrilling plots. If this sounds like you, then this is certainly worth taking the time to read. My favorite scene was when Bob and Beth were able to decide to live in a van that belonged to one of their mutual friends. The whole experience made me laugh out loud several times. I would also say that the plot was engaging. I had no issues with the plot or the characters and it kept me hooked from start to finish.

Overall, it was a great book. It's realistic , and I believe readers would strongly recommend it. People who love to travel, like adventure, and just want to see how other people deal with life in a humorous kind of manner should definitely check out Man With a Van by Paul Therien. It's a short and enjoyable read with a good storyline.

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